Commodity Trading Accounts

It is very easy to open Commodity trading account with Swastika Investmart Ltd., you caould purchase and sell commodity in an instant! Anytime you like and from anywhere you like! Also, Get access to cutting edge analysis, latest research reports and the most significant news on commodity correct in your trading terminal.


Lifetime free trading account, no account maintenance charges

Online orders on the phone using Call & Trade

Instant credit and money Transfer

Our Research Reports on the commodity markets, select commodities and special Report will help you

Research updates via swastika Investmart SMS alerts – so that you dont miss out on important

Free real time news and market updates

Minimum brokerage rates

Advantages of Commodity Trading

Efficient Rate discovery and transparency.

True reflector of economic activity, while trade with exchange purchaser and seller both find proficient Rate of their share.

Connectivity with Global market.

Various commodities Rates are connected with Rates global market, so we could see transparency in market.

Trading according to clearing house policy.

Settlement of every trade is done according to clearing firmís policies and regulation.

Trade with margin money.

You could earn highest profit in least cost because if you buy and sell with exchange you have to submit only margin money (5% to 15%) of real cost of buy and sell.

High liquidity

many investors/traders take part in trading via exchange. So we could always see high volume and liquidity in market.

Integration of markets at national level.

In all state/city of country there is domestic market and all of them run diverse rate of commodity from diverse state/city. Exchange mixes all domestic markets at national level.

Physical settlement of agreement.

At the close of agreement expiry trader/investor could take physical delivery of the respective commodity.

No counter-party threat.

In spot market every traderís leading threat is counter-party threat. But if traders trade via exchange then they do not have counter-party threat.

Just pursue simple steps:-
To open your account, initially give your information at Open an Account after giving the information to our experts will get in contact with you to entire all your account opening procedure. You can as well Call Us and we will have our representative meet you and facilitate you open the account We will bring up to date you as soon as your account is activated  by  e-mail and instantly a well opening  kit will be dispatched to you, and you can start trading instantly after activating your account.

Are you fresher to commodity trading? If “YES “no problem, we suggest this to be a perfect online commodity trading account for you. As a maturing commodity trader, you will have contact to all the research and trading services that are required to help out you   to make your trades easily. You can choose what to buy or sell at what time to buy or sell etc. in addition based on your own research or by referring to the research information of Swastika Investmart Commodity.

What is a commodity market?

A commodity market provides trading in different commodities. It possibly will be a square or a derivatives market.  Commodities are bought and sold for immediate delivery, but in derivatives market, different monetary instruments based on commodities are traded.

Kinds of commodity market:-You have three options the National Commodity and Derivative Exchange, the Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd and the National Multi Commodity Exchange of India Ltd.

Commodity brokerage firm:-

The primary thing you have to do is choose on a commodity brokerage firm, which will hold your account and perform your trades.  This facility is available at Swastika Investmart our commodity broker will permit you and accepted your official procedure and it might take a couple days earlier than your account is accepted. They will also make contact with you if they want any further information. Just the once your account is accepted, you will receive notification and information similar to your account number, password and instruction. You will have to fund your account after you get this information earlier than you can start trading.


Commodities in fact recommend massive potential to become a fraction positive feature for market. Retail investors, who understand the equity markets, may find commodities an immeasurable market. Commodities are simple to be aware of as far as basics of demand and supply. Retail investors understand the risks and advantages of trading in commodities futures before taking a rise. Previously, pricing in commodities futures has been less unstable compared with equity and bonds, thus providing a well-organized collection diversification alternative.